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Book Karie For Your Next Speaking Event

When it comes to choosing a professional speaker for your next event, you will find no one more respected and uniquely qualified than Karie Cassell. Karie’s experience as a Certified Life Coach with more than thirty years of studying wellness comes with a background as a Registered Dietitian. She brings an absolute passion as a “Dietitian on a Mission” to a professional speaking approach that will leave your audience or colleagues with a renewed passion for life. Her twist of humor and storytelling will teach you in ways you will not forget. You will leave saying “I never heard it that way before,” and that’s a promise!

Whether your audience is 10 or 10,000, in person or on webinar-type platforms, Karie delivers. From her specialties in Health, Relationships, Wealth, and Career, she weaves her Life Coaching skills into her messages knowing your Well-Being spans all areas of your life.

The Domino Diet book by Karie Cassell

The Domino Diet:
120 Days to Renewing You

It’s time to stop diet cycles and replace them with the true meaning of the word diet with Karie’s Domino Diet Formula. Join Karie as she takes you through a 360-degree change to realize how your thought patterns and fears have set up self-sabotaging success barriers while celebrating your uniqueness versus a one-size-fits-all diet approach. You will put the pieces in place, making connections between your thoughts, breath, hormones, and nutrition needs. You will feel empowered by steps you can take to achieve results you will love. 

A Wealth of Health
In All Areas

How you do one thing is how you do everything--it's all connected. How you spend your time, money, and even health are all interwoven, but sometimes you need help bridging the gap between areas where you feel success and areas where you struggle. Health, Time/Money Freedom, Career and Relationships. Connect the dots and dial into a formula that can have you loving all areas of life, giving you a Wealth of Health and leading you into a life you will love!

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Dream Builder

Imagine – a simple system for discovering what your dream is AND the confidence you need to go after it with joy and inner peace. In this PROVEN, transformational process, your audience will experience jumpstarting results to live the life they want AND enjoy the fulfillment of building your dreams. In this program you will receive: 

  • The Complete System for Gaining Clarity on living the Dream with steps you towards greater flow of abundance. 

  • Feel motivated to the highest potential and accelerate results with confidence


Whether you are an individual or in a group setting, this program is for the keeners at heart. Your audience will take steps and learn to design successful results in all areas of life.


As you delve even further into your Authentic Self, you will notice a heightened intuition awaiting you. Karie will help you dive into the depths of limiting beliefs and re-pattern your thinking, mastering the 4 areas of your life.  Healthy minds lead to healthy bodies!

Intention | Health | Abundance | Manifestation | Love | Transformation

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