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Your Two Minds on New Years

Updated: Jan 17

“Disease is the result of a cause unconsciously established in the subconscious mind of the person ill.” “Where there is order and balance at the subconscious level, health will be obvious in the body.” Raymond Charles Barker—The Science of Successful Living

The Subconscious Mind: comprises about 90-95% of your mind. It runs on auto-piolet 24/7 keeping your vital systems such as your heart, lungs, and digestion all in operation. You would otherwise have to stay awake and make yourself think to breathe every breath for example. Your subconscious also responds to your thoughts as it receives the frequency you emit and generate. This includes your unnoticed thoughts ‘chugging’ in the background, whether they are real or imagined. The subconscious even tracks movies, social media, and conversations around you.

Since birth, your subconscious has been learning and recording events, emotions, and behaviors. It doesn’t decide to keep some and throw away others. It doesn’t have a filter to determine what is worthy or not. It takes every thought seriously whether you are joking or being sarcastic, it knows no different. It, therefore, produces everything you are thinking, joking or not. If you say, “I feel tired”, it will believe you and serve you what it takes to make you feel tired. If you say, “I’m coming down with a cold.”, it will deliver that too. The good news is, it works the same with positive thoughts too, and is why affirmations like “I am in perfect health harmony” are so effective and why I include one at the end of the upcoming chapters.

Like a ‘Genie in a bottle’, your wish is in your command. The challenge though, is you are always thinking and often quite inconsistently. One minute you might be dreaming of a beautiful vacation and the next worrying about how to pay for it. Even the thoughts you are aware of can oscillate through the day like “I will go for a walk” to “I feel too tired for a walk”. The clearer and more consistent you are with your thoughts though, the more efficient your results will be. If you say, “I want a lot of money” your subconscious doesn’t know what a lot is, it has morphed over the years and you can’t cash a cheque that says, “a lot of money”. The same be said for a goal like “I will eat less sugar”, it isn’t specific enough for your mind to know what you mean by “less”. Having clear, specific, consistent goals is part of the success of this goal but there is more.

Since your subconscious operates your survival systems, using willpower to say, “I will eat less sugar”, will begin to make your subconscious a little “nervous” as it knows you need sugar to survive. Remember it is taking you literally without a filter and since your brain needs sugar as a fuel source as well as for other metabolic functions, it begins to “stand on guard”. On top of that, you may have associations with sugar that involve pleasure. Your mind is hardwired for pleasure, even if that temporary pleasure leads to pain. This might make more sense if you think about the association of pleasure with alcohol or a bag of chocolate bars. Your mind sees pleasure first, despite the negative effects of overindulgence. In fact, addictions are overall caught up in this programming.

The Conscious Mind: makes up the other 5-10% of your mind. The conscious mind helps you become aware of circumstances using critical and logical thinking. The part of you that is deciding to eat less sugar, is your conscious critical thinking. However, deciding and using your 5-10% conscious willpower, will bump up against the 90-95% of your subconscious mind. The same be said if you are consciously wanting to ‘lose weight.’ Your subconscious doesn’t like ‘losing’ anything and certainly not something it is programmed to keep. It wants you to survive and cares nothing about Vogue Magazine. When you ‘lose’ weight, it doesn’t always know if it was intended or due to an illness. It wants to ‘find’ what it lost for survival’s sake. This is precisely why willpower using your conscious mind alone does not have enough longevity. Kirsten Welles Master Coach with the Brave Thinking Institute suggests, “The use of willpower alone is like holding a beach ball underwater; you can only do it for so long.”

However, there is another way with the Will-to-Empower using your subconscious and conscious mind in collaboration. If you think of your good habits like brushing your teeth or driving your car, they become habits you don’t even have to think about anymore. From the repetition of those learned behaviors, your subconscious is programmed to continue doing so. Riding a bike, playing an instrument, and learning a language are all learned by repetition. When you stop repeating, they lessen but with a little repetition, they will come back. This means affirmations and creating momentum with a short walk every day will do the same. With enough repetition, good new habits can be created too.

As you approach the New Year, know that you can set new goals and new intentions but as they say, "Two Heads Are Better than One", turns out Two Minds are too. Use both.

“Healing is a thought by which two minds perceive their oneness.” A Course in Miracles

To learn more on setting goals with specific techniques and steadfast strategies, contact me for more!

Karie Cassell RD LMC at KLC LifeWise 780-814-2983

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